Hilary Tann Wildlife Photography | About

I have always had a keen interest in wildlife which has increased as my passion for photography has grown. I believe it is essential to develop an understanding of the behaviour of your subject and hopefully anticipate it's movements to achieve a successful photograph. The more you study any bird or mammal the more you appreciate the dedication, skill and relentless hard work involved in rearing their young to adulthood and ensuring the success of the next generation.

I live in the Peak District which provides a beautiful and varied mix of habitats for wildlife. The lowland fields  of the valleys are complimented by the wilder and more rugged landscape of the moors and gritstone edges in the Dark Peak and further south the limestone crags and dales of the White Peak.

Nearer to home my husband, Pat, and myself have constructed a wildlife pond which is now established and each spring we witness the arrival of hundreds of frogs and toads.. The pond also attracts damselflies and dragonflies in the summer months and has a wealth of pond life including newts, snails, water boatmen, pond skaters and caddis-fly larvae. Photographing the frogs is one of the highlights in spring.

We have also planted areas with predominately evergreen shrubs and trees which provide both food, by way of berries, and shelter during the winter months and we have been rewarded with a number of successful nesting sites. We are privileged by the by the amount of wildlife that visits  and the photographic opportunities that arise.


We also have a base on Mull and spend 5-6 weeks a year visiting the island. The beauty of Mull and the photographic opportunities are well documented and the wildlife is abundant and varied.